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Welcome to the Peterhouse Boat Club Fund's website. The aim of this site is to provide a central location for members of Peterhouse Boat Club, past, present and future, to access information on the history of the Boat Club, and the fundraising activities of the Boat Club Fund.

The Spirit of '56 Campaign is at the heart of these fundraising activities for the coming half-decade. The Campaign aims to provide a secure endowment to ensure the continuity of the Boat Club, whilst developing members' awareness of, and appreciate for, our rich history.

What's new?

29th July 2006 - Photo gallery

A photo gallery has been added, to share some of the photos relating to PBC and the PBCF.

13th June 2006 - 1955 Coaching Notes

Added Howard Leach's 1955 Coaching Notes.

11th June 2006 - PBCF boat purchases and events

Added the list of boats purchased by the Fund, and more information to the boat names section. Additionaly, some information is available on the May Bumps Marquee, in the Reunions section.

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